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                    USING AUTORESPONDERS

A Powerful Business Development, Marketing and Promotional Tool!

 Since you are reading this report, we are assuming that you are interested in learing about a powerful
 automated marketing and promotional tool. This tool is called an Autoresponder..
 Here, we will provide you with an explanation on:
 - Just what autoresponders are
 - How they work and...
 - What they can do for your on-line or off-line business

 Secondly, this report is comprised of two parts. You are reading part one and, if you are interested in
 getting a copy of the second part of this free report, please click on the link below and send:  
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 Autoresponders" is a powerful tool that you cna use to promote, expand and streamline your present
 business promotions, whether or not you do own a web site.
 In this Special Report, we will explore just how using this new technology can help you in any of your
 business ventures!

 An Immediate Response To Inquiries:
 Would you like your present or future customers to get immediate responses to any questions they may
 have about your business, your products or services regardless of the time of day that they request that
 information?  If you answered Yes, then this report is for you... please read on.

 How about having quickly updatable catalogs and product information that can be reached from e-mail,
 with no need for your busy customers to stop their work and go out on the web to access them?

 How about being able to know every time someone requests information, and have the means to maintain
 follow-up contact ? An autoresponder can do all this, and more. It's the equivalent of the well-known
 Fax-on-Demand, except that you and your customer don't spend money on long distance telephone
 charges. You don't even need a fax machine!!  

 Autoresponders can be used to function as your company's Customer Services Department.... all done
 automatically any time of day or night.
 So, How Does Autoreasponders Work?
 Autoresponders are one of the most powerful and simple tools in the toolbox of any entrepreneur or
 business owner who is interested in Electronic Marketing. The concept is simple, and the execution is even

 An interested person sends an email message to your autoresponder address, and it sends them back a file,
 automatically, via email, usually within a minute or two. This file can contain any information you want to
 provide to an interested party.  There is no limit on the number of people that can access your

 Why They Work?
 Autoresponders follow the absolute essence of the online code of behavior. They provide exactly the
 information a person wants, when they ask for it, and only if they ask. They are available to anyone on the
 Internet, as long as they own an email address. Autoresponders are unintrusive, yet leave room for further

 They are quickly updateable, flexible in application, and use little bandwidth. You can use an autoresponder
 in any situation where you need to be able to make a text file available for quick access. Or any file that you
 will need to deliver frequently.

 So, What Can They Be Used For?

 1. Sales Letters
 If you are using a two-step process, you can give them a quick description in a classified ad or sig, and direct
 them to the autoresponder for more information. For Example, you placed a classified ad in one of those ad
 sites on the web in which you stated the following:
 "For some powerful info on one of the most interesting computer and Internet marketing secret programs on
 the Web, send a blank e-mail to:
carsecrets at yourowncompany.com

 You could include your email address at the end of the autoresponder text. Tell them to contact you if they
 want further information.  Be sure to include full sign up information in the text. That's it!!!

 The ones who contact you after this are real prospects in most cases. You will be spending your time with
 more serious people, rather than the "window shoppers". Surprisingly, a lot of people won't access your
 autoresponder file unless they are genuinely interested.

 2.  Automate Your Company Training:
While this is not a substitute for personal attention, it can save you a lot of time. Just put your training
 information on an autoresponder (or several of them), and refer new people to access your information. 
 Once they have accessed your information, they can come back to you for the specifics if something is
 unclear to them. This lets you, again, focus your time on the important aspects of your business.

 The above is especially useful if you operate a business that uses tele-commuters or independent sales
 representatives, who you need to provide with up-to-date information.

 3. Acceptable Internet Advertising to Newsgroups:
 While almost all types of ads are considered taboo in most newsgroups and email lists, the use of a signature
 file (sig) is acceptable in virtually all emails that are sent out to anyone or any group of people.

 Keep it to the traditional size limits, generally 4-6 or less lines, and you will be using a powerful marketing tool
 in your emails.  A couple examples would be:
  "Our Price List is available from yourname@your.com" or "For *instant info* on our discount widgets,
 mailto: widgets@thingamabob.com". This form of advertising is acceptable and often encouraged.

 It should be noted that you should only post to such groups if you have something of substance to contribute.
 This shows respect for the groups members and purpose, and is far more likely to gain you the credibility that
 will draw people to want to do business with you.

 As a contributor to any newsgroup, posting "I agree" or other "me too" type things just to get your sig file out
 there is rude, and will only get people mad at you. If you have something useful to say, say it. If you don't, wait.

 4. Product Updates or Company News:
 This can save both time and bandwidth. Keep the latest info on a product or service at an autoresponder
 address, and simply send short emails to your customer list notifying them of the changes. This way, only
 interested people get the full info, and you save employee and server time on mass mailings. This also allows
 you to keep track of your most active prospects.

 It is also a great way to make information available to only those people who want it, while announcing it to
 large numbers of people.

 I recently came across some information that was rather large and I wanted to make this information available
 to a lot of people. It was too large for complete posting in the places I thought those who would find it
 interesting would be.

 So, I put the file on an autoresponder and posted short announcements at free classified ad sites and in a
 couple of newsletters that fit the right profile of people I wanted to contact. The result was staggering!

 The autoresponder was accessed by thousands of people from all over the world and many subscribers of the
 newsletters in which I posted the short announcement did access it via email.
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