A True Bikini Web Site Story

  When Kadeem Beecker scraped together some funds, a year ago, to purchase a high powered computer system with a 22" LCD monitor, printer-scanner-fax-copier, and all the software necessary to create a Web site to showcase and sell her line of exotic bikini swimwear... the investment seemed like a lot of money to her.

  She contacted us, and we developed her site for her and provided her with website hosting services as well. She also arranged a couple fashion models and contacted SPREEPHOTOS.COM to do a photo shoot showcasing her swimwear line.

Now, she is generatating major sales on her new website. [See our
guide to learn how to select a good Web hosting provider.]

  Her research lasted just two weeks, since she was not very familiar with all the features - bells and whistles - some of the Web hosting companies she found online, were offering. Most of the terminology was foreign to her.

 “This is more difficult than I thought at first”, she told Jimmy, her husband of three years, who knew less than she did about computers or the Internet.

  She wondered just how she would be able to select the right service that would provide her with all that she would need to conduct a successful online business .

  Then, one day while she was having lunch with her friend Laura, who already had created a web site to sell
swimsuits, she mentioned that she was having some difficulty selecting a Web hosting provider for her website. What should she look for?

  Laura laughed and stated that she herself had gone through the same process some months before, until she found SpreeMedia.com's
Guide To Selecting A Web Hosting Service.

  Immediately upon returning home, Laura powered up her computer and logged on to the Web. She browsed over to
SpreeMedia.com and began reading the guide, taking notes as she read. Then, see contacted us via email and told us what she needed.

 Today, her site is online and because she does not have to worry about server configurations, web applications and other technical stuff, she can spend her time building and marketing her business. Here is what she stated in her own words...

 “What drew me to SpreeMedia, was the fact that I needed to set up an online presence.
I desperately wanted to conduct business online. A number of my friends and
small businesses in my town were already online and doing very well.
I felt that I was behind the times.  Because of the rapid growth pace of the Net
and the challenge of the ever-changing technology, I needed some hand holding,
which SpreeMedia provided me with. Thanks SpreeMedia!”



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