Book Publishing: “How to Get Published Quickly and Easily
                           without exhausting your Bank Account”

  Dear Friend & Entrepreneur:

 If you are a writer looking for a quick and easy way to publish your work, then this might be the most
 important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:
 We can show you a way to affordably publish your books and begin selling them online within minutes.
 Not months, weeks, or even days. In fact, if your manuscript was done in Microsoft Word, for example,
 your writing could be published within two weeks of getting your book on a disk or via email to us.

 Now, we understand if you are feeling somewhat skeptical. Questions begin to pop into yourmind:
 Is this really possible? Is it, really? That's normal, however, you need to understand that many people
 are getting their work published and promoted online, right now while you are reading this letter!
Here is the problem most aspiring writers face:


This could be your eBook

 Getting the attention of a publisher, agent or editor is one of the greatest
 challenges facing a new author or writer. That is yesterday’s news. Today, it is
 a whole new ballgame, because, new writers do not have to spend countless
 days, weeks, months... even years duplicating their manuscripts; sending out
 multiple samples of their work or writing the perfect cover letters and sending
 everything out to potential publishers.

 Normally, after all that effort, all an aspiring writer has to show is a pile of
 rejection letters on their desk.

Stop focusing your energies on the WRONG AUDIENCE!
 Why not focus on and go straight to the people who might want to learn about
 and purchase your book?

 Think about it for a minute or two. You do not have to wait for agents and
 publishers to show an interest in your work... simply because there are millions of
 people out there who would love to read it! So, what better way to reach those millions of people than through
 the form of electronic publishing?

 Once you do decide to publish your work electronically, there are a coupIe of decisions you will also have to
 make. Here are four [4] important things you may want to consider:
1. Do you now want to purchase ebook software?
       2. Create your own ebook yourself?
       3. Develop a Web site to help you market your e-book?
       4. Promote and market your ebook or e-books yourself?



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