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2009 - 2012
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   Banner Advertising Program: - Profit From The Growing Traffic To Our Websites !

   Every online business owner or webmaster can now profit from the growing traffic on EIGHT [8]
of our most popular web sites:

- SpreeMedia.com
- LoveCove.net,
- SpreeModels.com,
- DivaExotica.com,
- ReggaeModelsNetwork.com,
- ReggaeModels.com, and
- SpreeDolls.com
 We will place a link on the EIGHT [8] sites listed above with a short description about your company
 or business (photos included).

 Now, do you think that could help to boost some extra trafiic to your Web site? You bet!
 We have a 6 months BannerAd Program and a 12 months BannerAd Program.
 The cost for 6 months is only:
$35 per month with the first month FREE. Your cost - $210.
 The cost for 12 months is only:
$35 per month with the first month FREE. Your cost - $420.
 To take advantage of this offer immediately, just do the following:
 [1] Order this package now...  
 [2] Send us your banner ad by email, or tell us what page on your site it is located. That’s it!
Order the 6 months package, or Order the 12 months package now!

Become the Official Sponsor of a site featuring your Hobby, Church, Members Club,
 City, Country,  or an Alumni Web site to promote your old School:

   Have you ever thought of sponsoring the development of a Web site for an organization or for
 a cause that you truly believe in?  How about a Web site for your high school or for a struggling
 not-for-profit community organization that you want to support?
 You could qualify to become “an official sponsor” of a Web site promoting your town, city, island
 or an organization that you belong to [or are thinking of starting].

  As an official site sponsor, you [or your business] will be credited for all the information that will be
included on the web site and, we will help you put it ALL together. Then, once everything is in place...
viola - your Web site will be launched live on the Internet for the world to see.
This is a powerful program that is not available anywhere else online! It is also very affordable.
Here is a win-win proposition for you: You will not have to pay high priced researchers to find the information you may want to include on your site - nor do you have to search for, and hire an expensive
Web designer/developer to create and program the site for you... plus, (and this is the nice part), this
new site can also serve as a “major traffic generator” to your main Web site... if you already own one!
  If you do not already own a web site... then this site could function as your main site [on which you could
provide a small space for your club, your church, your country of origin, your school, your favorite vacation spot, your family, a site for singles or married professionals, your favorite bar (or lounge) - you name it, we can do it! You could market any number of products or services, build an online community, develop a mailing list to promote your present business - the possibilities are endless!
 Any way you look at it, becoming
An Official Sponsor of a Web site, you will certainly benefit in a multitude of ways and, if you are doing this for a worthwhile organization, well... who do you think everyone in that organization will begin to look up to with more respect and admiration?
 The sky’s the limit here, and you may be the Angel running it all. Our in-house researchers, writers and designers will help you put the whole thing together. All you have to do is to provide us with the specific information you want us to include on your site. 
 Let us put together a great site for you, host and manage it and help you build a name for yourself, (or your business) on the World Wide Web! How much does this cost? Only:
US 2,495. This fee includes:
 * FREE CONTENT DEVELOPMENT. We help you research and find relevant content to place on your site.
 * FREE WEB HOSTING on our Web servers for ONE (1) year. Yes, 12 months FREE!

   Order this package from our
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