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   SpreeMedia.com provide affordable website design and development services to small businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs.

  We have over
20 years experience in Web Projects Development, Internet Radio Launches, eCommerce and Website Hosting. We help you every step of the way...

 * We will consider your overall objectives for your Website and help you develop a strategy.
 * We then craft an interface for your site and develop an overall design to maximize the
  power of your message so you can attract new customers.
  * Using our Success Formula, we help you to market your products or services to a global audience.

Web Development: featuring the latest Internet technologies!
 * Dazzling designs, technically excellent HTML & Interactive scripting including Java Servlets, Javascripts, CGI, Perl, Visual Basic, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Active Server Pages, etc.
Multimedia & Internet Broadcasting Services
 * We can design your site and
present your information to the world in an
  exciting, attractive and interactive manner using the latest digital video technologies.
Strategic & Dynamic Marketing: Channels
 * Doing business online requires the planning and use of an online business
 model that focuses on the traditional practical aspects instead of emphasing
 on too many technical aspects.
 The setting up of a Web Server to process sales may be the easy part.
 After that is done, donít overlook the cost of your marketing and providing
 excellent customer services.

 Hereís How SpreeMedia Can Help You TODAY!
 * We have created (and are currently managing) a growing number of 
web sites - each catering to
 a specific targeted market. Our clients are based in various countries worldwide.
 * Because of the increasing traffic that comes to each of these sites, your web site will benefit
 from this exposure. Your Web site will be exposed to a much wider marketplace.
 * Once you determine who your best customers are, we can help you to target them using a
 number of marketing and promotional mediums that we have developed.
For example:
Mailing lists, Newsletters, Discussion & Message Boards, Email Marketing Programs,
  Search Engine Submissions, Joint Venture Marketing/Promotions and more...

 * We can show you how to integrate your online sales activities, so they work with any other
 offline sales activities you are doing for your business. You should note that, your present
 offline marketing activities may include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, your business
 cards, sales flyers and more.
 * We can show you how to
focus on using the Internet to add value beyond what your Web site
 users can get from your other sales activities. We can help you make your online sales activities
 much more appealing to your customers.
A BIG Question For You:
 What can you offer your online customers, that is not available to them offline? We can help you to
 determine the best way to attract more business, because, we consider our clients as Partners.
 It is our sincere wish to help YOU succeed in YOUR online business venture. 

 Right here, right now, you should check out some of the
web sites we have created, developed
 and are hosting here on SpreeMedia.com.
Tell us what you think!

 You can also order your web site hosting package today, or get a free Quote for any customized
 service you may need for your business!


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