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How to Make Your Web site A Success
... by JDalton



 If you own a Web site or, thinking
 of establishing an online presence
 for your business, here are some
 tips and suggestions that will help
 you to understand the important
 requirements that contribute to a
 well designed, appealing and
 successful  website.

 These suggestions can be considered
 as a great Action Plan for your online
 ventures. This article appeared in a
 previous issue of our award-winning
 e-business e-zine,

Suggestion One:
 Make visitors to your Web
 site feel welcome.
 A successful website is one
 that makes your visitors feel
 as if you are catering to their
 need for imformation about
 the products or services your
 company offers. If you focus
 on making your site 'customer
 friendly', you empower them
 to participate and, better
 yet, do business with you.

Suggestion Two:
 Make sure your Home Page is properly organized. Your site’s home page should not only
 be the 'Front Door' to your site, but there should also be a 'Table of Contents' or ‘Menu’.
 This table of contents or menu should provide immediate information on the various subjects
 or topics covered on your site. In other words, anyone should be able to look at your table
 of contents and know exactly what your site is about. Are you selling products or services?

 Another use for your table of contents is to gently and effectively guiding your vistors
 along the sales path to do business with you [if that is the objective of your site].

Suggestion Three:
 Make sure it very easy to navigate throughout your Web site. Provide your visitors with
 optional ways of moving between pages on your site more easily. A site is considered
 user-friendly if an explanation is provided with each link regarding where the link will
 take them. Making it easy to explore your site, shows that your site was planned and
 not just thrown together by some freshman college kid who is experimenting with html.
 Each page of your site should have access, readily available, to the home page and any
 other featured pages. The navigation tool bars and other linking icons and graphics
 should always have text alternatives.             ....>>>>>


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